Delivery Boy is now Associate Director of Flipkart

Hardwork, dedication and honesty are three important aspects in success of everyone’s life, Ambur Iyyappa’s journey from delivery boy with a salary of Rs.8000 to associate director of flipkart with salary of Rs.6,00,000 is truly inspirational.

Iyyappa grew up in Ambur, a town in Vellore district in Tamil Nadu famous for its biryani and leather industry. After completing his pre-degree in Ambur, he went to Hosur for a diploma, which helped him land a one year long apprenticeship at heavy vehicles maker Ashok Leyland and later trained at Hindustan Motors.

He then joined First Flight Couriers as a local delivery manager and moved to Bengaluru. During his four-year career with them, he rose to managing the logistics of all incoming mails for south Bengaluru


Ambur Iyyappa credit Flipkart

He wanted to continue his education to improve his knowledge, he decided and approached his employers for a few months of leave to study for a diploma course. The boss told him that his position could not be kept open for three months. In his absence, if someone else was found to replace him, the vacancy would be filled.

He decided to take the risk of four years of job security for a three-month diploma which he thought will change his life.  After his diploma, he came back to his work but he found his job was already was given to someone else.

Iyyappa and Flipkart

He was searching for job soon heard from the delivery boy who managed the Flipkart account that they were looking for an in-house logistics person, Iyyappa’s life changed.

Iyyappa met Sachin and Binny and joined Flipkart as first employee, Within a week he learnt everything about the flipkart , though it did not had  order management system at the time he became manual order management system, he used to remembered every status, every order.


Iyyappa wit flipkart founder

Iyyappa’s mobile phone number was listed as Flipkart’s de facto customer support hotline., Iyyappa took all day-to-day operations on his shoulder from taking customer calls and calling up vendors to coordinating and following up.

Iyyappa’s Journey to Associate Director of Flipkart

His prolific memory always helped him in achieving the mission, for example If a delivery boy reported that one vendor did not stock a book that a customer wanted he would lose no time in calling up another vendor who had the book in stock and arranging it to be delivered to the customer.

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Flipkart founder Binny describes Iyyappa as Flipkart’s “human ERP” as he would know exactly which books were pending to be bought, which customers were waiting for delivery, etc. When a customer called, he would know exactly what was happening with his or her order without looking at the systems.



Iyyappa is now an associate director managing at Flipkart and draws a salary Rs 6 lakh. He still continues to in the same locality where he lived a decade ago. He now owns Suzuki Access 125 scooter he still does not own a car.

If Ambur Iyyappa had not lost his job in 2009, he and flipkart both would have not succeeded. The life of Iyyappa is inspiration for millions of small town People  to achieve big in their life.

Written by storypmb