Anand Mahindra Life And Lessons

Anand Mahindra, Mahindra Group’s Executive Chairman, makes sense out of everything in his life. While he teaches people business tricks from pandas and puzzles scrawled at the back of a truck, a lot can be learnt from his success. Today, we bring to you five important life lessons to be learnt from Anand Mahindra!

1. Always think big 

Anand Mahindra had the passion to always dream big. The resources were at his disposal. His job was to make the thoughts materialize into reality!

2. Inculcate perseverance 

Without working hard to achieve, your goal will always remain a distant future. Anand Mahindra believes in the principle: try and try harder till you succeed. If he can do it, so can we!

3. Learn to resolve peacefully 

In most of the situations in life, you will have to remain calm and stable minded, that is precisely what you can learn from how this Anand Mahindra managed a shut down protest by workers. He usually adheres to his terms and refuses to encourage lethargy and unproductiveness in his company.

4. Keep learning 

No challenge is too hard for this great man. He believes in continued learning, no matter how old you are. With his continued earning for all things new, Anand has made sure he is always one step ahead of his game.

5. You must have a localised focus


Anand Mahindra is not just an inspiration but a proud Indian who believes Indians have everything required to become the next superpower of the world. When Apple co founder Steve Wozniak said Indians measure success with academic excellence and a good job, but lack creativity, Anand Mahindra took to Twitter to call Mr. Wozniak back to India so that we can prove him wrong. Similarly, amid the entire Facebook data scandal, Mr. Mahindra also took to Twitter urging Indians to develop a social networking site just for the country that is also open to regulations and will be professionally managed.


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