Ather S340 is e-scooter by Ather Energy

The Globalization apart from giving opportunity for economic development also raised concern on sustainability, Ather Energy is an innovative start-up which aims at developing e-scooter “Ather S340

Ather s340

Ather s 340 ( Facebook)

Tarun Mehta and Swapnil Jain two mechanical engineers who graduated from IIT Madras decided to leave highly paying MNC jobs to start their dream run.

The duo decided to work on developing a lithium-ion battery pack, which low maintenance battery and which requires no scheduled cycling to prolong the battery’s life. The main advantage of Li-Ion is that the self-discharge rate is less than that of nickel-cadmium.

Ather s340

Li-ion Battery Pack (Website)

The young engineer started their journey by launching Ather Energy in 2013, which aims at designing high-speed electric two wheelers- Ather S340.  S340 refers to S for the Scooter, 3 for the 3KW capacity of the electric motor and 40 for the 40Amp-hour battery capacity.

Technical specifications of Ather S340?

The vehicle is powered by lithium-ion battery the S340’s IP67-rated battery pack claims a life cycle of 50,000 kms and a life span of 5-6 years.

The battery pack uses the 18650-cell format that is also used by Tesla’s Model S electric scooter. Arther Energy’s S340 electric scooter takes only 50 minutes to achieve 80 per cent charge via fast charging mode, and can be charged from any 5A normal socket in the normal model

The e-scooter includes digital dashboard with touch screen option which is waterproof, glove-friendly which runs Linux OS to boot. The dashboard includes a Vehicle Control Unit that constantly monitors the rider’s behaviour.

The S340 e-scooter will be able to plug into regular 15 A sockets for charging so that the user can use charging facility. The digital dashboard also has 3G SIM card, which enable constant data transfer and updates and GPS is integrated with map will show direction to the users

Ather s340

Digital Dashboard (Facebook)

Ather S340 e-scooter offers 200 mm disc brakes in the front and rear, 90/90/12 tyres, all LED headlight and taillight, large floorboard to accommodate luggage, and a comfortable seating position, for rider and pillion.

The vehicle can go up to speeds of 75 kmph and can charge completely in 90 minutes whereas a typical e-scooter in the market takes upto 6 to 8 hours for a full charge. Ather e-scooter consumes only 2.5 units of electricity for total charge-up which is an added advantage for the user.

The Chassis of S340 e-scooter is made-up of hybrid aluminium which is powered by an ELDC brushless electric motor that can deliver a peak power of 5 KW and continuous power of 3 KW and the motor used in S340 e-scooter delivers peak torque of 14 Nm. A double step reduction transmission is attached to the motor and the rear wheel is driven by a carbon belt.

Ather s340

Ather S340 Specifications (Facebook)

Ather S340 focussed much on weight reduction hence optimising the weight has improved its efficiency. Size of the e-scooter is same as that of any 100cc scooter in the market but Ather S340 e-scooter weighs 20% lighter than the other scooters in the market.

Ather S340 can go up to 60 km when charged fully, the vehicle has twin-telescopic suspensions in the front and mono shock for the rear tyre. It has almost a perfect weight distribution ratio of 49:51, The e-scooter also provides for enough space to store two full-sized helmets.

Who Funded Ather S340 e-scooter.

In December 2014, Ather received funding of US $1 million from founders of India’s top e-commerce Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal, In May 2015, Ether Energy received fund of $12 million from Tiger Global which is one of the leading venture capital investment firms, the company recently raised Rs.205 crores from Hero Motorcorp which is also one of the leading two-wheeler manufacturer.

The e scooters in India has bad track record, the start-up has promised to bring change in the market through their innovation, the team currently has 150 employees and is presently in the stage of product testing and vendor finalization. The S340 is set to enter market in 2017 and the company is focusing on quality and sustainability.

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