Blindsquare an App for Blind.

The aim of any startup should be value creation to the society, Blindsquare is one such social start-ups which encompass the technology that combines the latest technology to help the blind with their daily lives.

Ilkka Pirttimaa, founder and CEO of MIPsoft came up with an innovative idea of developing a GPS Navigation app which will helps visually challenged people to reach destination without the help of anyone.

The BlindSquare app is simple to use, App determines the current location of the User with the help of GPS just by shake, once the current location is set the app automatically grabs information about the popular nearby places like hotels, hospitals, library etc. using open data sources such as Foursquare and Google Maps.


Ios App screenshot

The user can select the destination through voice which will periodically announce the distance and direction while user is traveling, as the app runs in background even if the screen is locked user gets information regularly.

The app uses the inbuilt compass feature of iPhone to tell the directions for the user, and user can also add favourite locations where he/she visits frequently, the app also allows user to make a call to the restaurant using the application.


Favourites in APP

BlindSquare is integrated with Apple’s iBeacon technology, which helps the user to use the benefits of app even inside the building, iBeacon works on Bluetooth technology which can be installed in various points inside the building like washroom, escalator, doors etc., which will pass information to user through the App.


ibeacon technology (website)

BlindSquare was initially tested with blind individuals in Finland, the U.S. and Australia. The application is now popular wherever Foursquare data is available. The app with speech synthesis technology supports 26 languages including English, Finnish and Swedish.

The innovative social-startup became popular globally within few years and received many awards, team is now planning to innovate and add more features to the app to benefit visually challenged people.

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