BwareIT helps in water conservation

Water awareness is gaining lot of emphasis in recent days, lots of development fund, for instance BwareIT, is being pumped into water protection and providing access to clean water.

In small countries where utilization of water must be optimized, water conservation is now a part of national strategy. BwareIT an Israeli startup is helping households to measure the quantity of water.


     BRIGHTAP (Image by website)

BrighTap is an innovative product of BwareIT, is an Internet-of-things (IOT) meter which can be attached to water tap, pipe or hose. The tap meter provides information like quality and quantity of water. Smart H20 system also provides data on parameters like temperature, costs and quality through direct display, web and app in any given moment with simple and clear way.


BwareIT Uses (Image by Website)

This product can be used to any domestic water source or appliances like Refrigerator, washing machine etc. to check the water quality and quantity. The water flowing through an internal generator powers the LED display and at the same time charges the backup battery that keeps the readout displayed up to two minutes after the water stops running.

The Bare used in the device is made up of bio plastics, and all its electronic components are recyclable and environmentally friendly making the product more sustainable.


BwareIT for different water flow (Courtesy Website)

Viewing the quantity of water consumed on the LED readout display will raise awareness of the need to save water and use water wisely. The uniqueness of this device is a, wherever it is fixed it will not affect the water flow when the water is running.


 BwareIT Parts (Courtesy website)

BwareIT combines unique and in-house developed analytic algorithm and turbine technology that measures water flow, with accuracy +/- 4%.

The novel Idea has received wide appreciation from different parts of the world as it creates awareness among the people about number of liters/gallons consumed by them this will help in conservation of water.


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