Cow dung fueled Bus- A Game Changer

Sustainable Development is a formidable challenge in the present world. It concerns technologies that can help manage growth while considering economic, social, and environmental sustenance of the society. Cow dung fueled Bus is one such innovative product which provides option of alternative fuel.

Cow dung

Cow dung Bus

The growing urban population is creating problem for state to provide basic facilities like House, employment and transportation, Kolkata based Phoenix India Research and Development Group has designed a bus which runs on biofuel made of dung and facilitates the passenger to travel at very low cost of Re 1 for  17.5 km

What is Biogas?

Biogas is produced by processing residual waste from livestock (dung, manure and uneaten food), food production (fruit and vegetable waste, residues from meat, fish and dairy processing, brewery waste, food waste and much more) and effluents from industrial as well as municipal wastewater treatment plants.

How is Biogas generated through Cow Dung?

Cow dung is considered as valuable waste since centuries, dried cow dung is used as alternative for wood in heating water and cooking, even though the biogas made of cow dung is cheap and useful only few are using cow dung to generate biogas.
The  dung is collected and is subjected to a chemical process called Anaerobic digestion which is a collection of processes by which microorganisms break down biodegradable material in the absence of oxygen. The process releases Methane and the collected methane can be used as alternative for fuel.

Cow dung

Cow dung to fuel – Representative (website)


Cow dung fueled Bus- A Game Changer.


Phoenix India Research and Development Group which manufactures and sells and supplies compressed Biogas and equipment required for biogas production has tied up with heavy vehicle major Ashok Leyland to manufacture the 54-seater bus.

Cow dung

Inaguration of  Bus

Phoenix is now manufacturing cow dung in their plant based in Dubrajpur of Birbhum District where they can produce 1,000 kg of gas. The fuel is transported to Kolkata which is 204km from Dubrajpur through tankers.
The first bus will run a distance of 17 km between Ultadanga and Garia and Phoenix India will run the bio-gas service from its Corporate Social Responsibility fund.

Cow dung

Biogas Bus

The bus manufactured by Ashok Leyland costs Rs.13 lakhs, Biogas is produced from cow dung at a cost of Rs 20 a kg and the bus can run 5 km on one kg, the bus tank can hold 80 kg gas, therefore the vehicle can run 1,600 km on a full tank.
The company has got the permission to set up 100 fuel pumps. The first pump will come up at Ultadanga and the salary of drivers and conductors will be given from advertisements that will be put up on the body of the bus making the working model sustainable.

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