CriticaLink saves lives of Dhaka

Dhaka is known as a highly populated mega city of the world, from 13,74,000 people in 1970 to estimated population of 2,73,74,000 in 2030, Dhaka is highly dense city with 23,234 people per square kilometre (Though CriticaLink has done it’s part too).

This highly populated city is victim of highest road accidents and deaths with Annual fatality rate from road accidents is found to be 85.6 fatalities per 10,000 vehicles

Farrell, a Duke alumnus and Tulane University-educated doctor from Santa Monica during her visit to south Africa saw people dying of treatable injuries as ambulance weren’t going into slums.

While working in Dhaka, Farrell witnessed similar kind of accidents and inaccessibility for ambulance due to congested roads and traffic jams in one of the deadliest roads of world, N2 highway in Dhaka.

In 2014,Farrell came up with a novel idea called CriticaLink a non-profit technical startup With help from a local call centre MiakiVAS. CriticaLink works based on an Android medical app that is “connecting people to save lives.”

Farrell and team of five Bangladeshi doctors provided practical training to young volunteer about the first aid to be provided on the spot. The training takes a bare bones approach and teaches the trainees how to respond to emergencies with little or no equipment, So far the team has trained more than 3,000 people with 500 registered unpaid volunteers.


             Criticalink App

The young volunteers at CriticaLink include college students, a few medical students, and others from various walks of life. Once certified, these volunteers get special access to CriticaLink app which allows them to know the location of emergency in their area along with map. volunteers are also given an ID badge, arm band, and t-shirt to indicate their affiliation with the organization


     Volunteer ( Daily star)

The App is innovative and simple. Using the CriticaLink mobile app, one can contact MiakiVAS the call centre setup by CriticaLink which sends out information on the emergency to all trained volunteers to provide first aid along with Google Maps location. Within seconds, the responders have the whereabouts of the accident, with maps, up-to-date information and images at their fingertips. They also send out information on the nearest hospital, police department to help the injured. As soon as responder reaches the accident spot they inform CriticaLink using the app.


         Working Model (website)

Once the first responders build their experience, they receive ratings that can lead to recognition among their peers for the contributions they are making to saving the lives of their fellow citizens. Indeed CriticaLink saves lives of Dhaka


       CriticaLink volunteers (website)

The Innvoative Social Startup by Farrell is getting popular in entire Bangladesh and other parts of world, hope this noble mission of saving life spread across the globe.

Written by storypmb