Eneza Educates Kenya through SMS..

Kenya being largest country in east Africa still stay far in education access compared with other developing economies, Eneza Education a Pro-profit social start-up uses ICT platform to provide education to rural Kenya.

Eneza Education (“Eneza” means “to spread” in Swahili ) works on  low-cost mobile technology which provides access for school children to educational lessons and assessments using various platforms like SMS, web and Android.


Access through Mobile (Website)

It was started in 2011 when Ms Maraviglia and Kago Kagichiri came up with an idea of teaching via mobile phone text messages they started the initiative in Nairobi.

The first step of this initiative was launching a revision study tool by name Shupavu 291 which completely works through SMS and USSD and can be accessed from any mobile by dialling *291# or sending the word START to 20851.


Android App

Shupavu 291 got a huge response within a span of week of its launch as it added 23,000 new users, Shupavu 291 enables students to take quizzes, search subjects and access wikipedia without use of internet connection.


Quiz through App

ASK-A-TEACHER is an innovative feature which enables students ask questions to a live teacher. The students just need to send a SMS as ASK followed by a space and a question to 20851. The performance of students can be known by teachers and parents through a SMS which makes project sustainable.


” Ask a Teacher ” through app

Eneza’s users mainly access courses and quizzes by text messages, for a cost of just 10 Kenyan shillings (10 cents; six pence) per week, which is deducted from pre-paid through their mobile phones.


Business model (Website)

Eneza pilot programme started in Tanzania and Ghana and is planning to expand slowly to countries like Tanzania, Rwanda, Ghana, Zambia, South Africa, Liberia, Malawi, Nigeria, Benin and Iraq where education is still far from reach…

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