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From a small town boy to a  millionaire, all of it, only by the age of just 21!

So who is Riteish Agarwal? What is the startup which offers premium rooms at affordable prices.

The very famous OYO Rooms Founder and CEO Mr. Ritesh Agarwal.

Alright, folks!

Here’s a list of few unknown facets with which most of us may not be familiar.

1. What really inspired the young man to come up with the concept of OYO? Well, Ritesh was inspired to begin OYO Rooms so he could be responsible for the TV remote, which wasn’t conceivable when he stayed with relatives when he was a kid. That’s how a  crazy idea turned him into a millionaire.

2. The young boy, Agarwal began coding at the age of just 17

How many of us really have an idea about coding and technology at such a young age? This young chap also authored the best selling book, The Encyclopaedia of Indian Engineering Colleges.

3. The PM, Mr. Narendra Modi, himself was mesmerized by this quick witted Ritesh Agarwal!  He stated “When I heard Ritesh OYO) speak, I thought how a tea seller like me didn’t think of setting up a hotel chain” Prime Minister Modi, Jan 2016

4. Already Successful by the age of 18

By the time Ritesh was 18, he established Oravel, an Indian variant of the online rental site Airbnb. That year, he secured funding of Rs. 30 lakhs from VentureNursery, a quickening agent which united a pack of storied speculators to support new companies.

5. Sometime during March end 2013, Ritesh got huge news!

He was chosen as the main Indian to get the Thiel Fellowship. Instead, they purchased the story and Ritesh lucked out once more.   He not only received a $100,000 grant from the Thiel Foundation, but also a major Silicon Valley name backing his organization.

6. Riteish Agarwal is the first Asian to graduate as a Theil Fellow.

Theil Fellowship is a two year program that gives $100,000 to school drop outs under 22 years of age to pursue their dreams. It is backed by the PayPal creator, Peter Theil. He made India stand out by grabbing the fellowship of Theil successfully with his simple and inspiring ideas.

Ritesh Agarwal has developed as a youthful startup industry pioneer. It was his psyche and energy behind the business which helped him achieve great success.


Written by storypmb