The success story of Starbucks not only increased Howard Schultz Net worth but also increased Jerry Baldwin net worth. It is an inspirational story of how a teacher inspired by a coffee shop and started a successful brand called Starbucks and today Jerry Baldwin net worth is still unknown but it is estimated somewhere around $2.4 Million.

Jerry Baldwin born on March 24th, 1939 in Seattle, US and had  education all the way up through the college level and he had passion of teaching and hence he ended up as an English teacher in Fort ORD in California

Jerry Baldwin

Jerry Baldwin

Jerry Baldwin started his career as a teacher , later he worked as an intern in Peet’s Coffee & Tea store where he understood the coffee process and he learnt how to roast coffee, gradually he became expert in the process.


Starbucks Founders

Jerry Baldwin met Gordon Bowker and Zev Siegl during his intern tenure in Peet’s Coffee & Tea store.

Starbucks founders

Starbucks founders

Gordon Bowker was a Professional writer and was a very good friend of Alfred Peet, founder of Peet’s Coffee & Tea store. Gordon was the brain behind the name and the logo of Starbucks , he was the one who was instrumental in making the official colour green in the Logo of Starbucks.

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Zev Siegl was another founder of Starbucks as he was from Washington, he completed his majors in history and where he used to spend his summers at Peet’s Coffee & Tea store as an intern and where he learnt the trading and other skills.

               Starbucks and Jerry Baldwin net worth

Jerry Baldwin, Gordon Bowker and Zev Siegl together founded Starbucks in the year 1971 with the experience and knowledge they got from Peet’s Coffee & Tea store and Alfred Peet, whom all three knew personally, Zev Siegl  was first paid employee of Starbucks.

The first venture of Starbucks was opened in 1972, near Pike Place Market, Seattle Washington. The shop in Pile place market still remains open even today due to its historical significance.

The aim of Starbucks was to sell high quality coffee beans and equipment, at initial days of operation they only sold roasted coffee and not brew coffee, Starbucks purchased roasted coffee beans from Peet’s during its first year of operation. Jerry Baldwin Net worth remained almost same during the initial days as Starbucks was not yet popular.

Starbucks Expansion and Jerry Baldwin net worth

Jerry Baldwin Net Worth

Jerry Baldwin Net Worth

The year 1984 changed the future of Starbucks when they heard Peet’s Coffee & Tea which inspired Jerry to start Starbucks was put on sale, Baldwin led a group of investors and  purchased the company. It was in 1984, Starbucks opened their first stores outside Seattle in Vancouver and Chicago.

Founders Exit from Starbucks

In 1980, Zev Siegl was the first to leave the starbucks and he sold his complete shares and went on founding Quartermaine Coffee Roasters in Washington D.C and Peerless Pie in Seattle.

Gordon Bowker sold his part of Starbucks share in the year 1987, after he gave the company it’s new logo and colour. He sold Starbucks to Howard Schultz, Gordon Bowker became co-owner of Peet’s Coffee and Tea with Jerry Baldwin. He also went on founding  Redhook Ale Brewery.

Starbucks founders

Starbucks founders

Jerry Baldwin sold his part of shares from starbucks in 1987, as soon as he purchased his favourite Peet’s store, he later became chairman of it and served as chairperson till 2001. Jerry was then named as Director and founder of Tech Standards Committee of the Specialty Coffee Association of America, he also served as chairperson of Coffee Quality Institute, he also served as President of the Assocation Scientifique International du Cafe (ASIC), he also founded Baldwin Wines in 2001. Jerry Baldwin Net worth is estimated to be USD 2.4 Million.

Awards and Recognition

Jerry Baldwin received many awards , few of the major awards are Lifetime Achievement Award by the Specialty Coffee Association of America and he was made Director of TechnoServe, the non-profit organization NGO in Latin America and Africa,

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