John Schnabel net worth

John Schnabel born on Feb 11 ,1920  in a small town Kanas in United states, his father was a wheat farmer , his earnings from farm was the only mean of bread and butter for entire family. John Schnabel net worth by time of his death was $5 billion USD.


The Great Depression of US in 1920 affected the small and marginal farmers badly hence John’s father had to lose the family farm which was sole property which they had, he then went into bootlegging alcohol which was strictly prohibited during that Period.

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The Govt started to Persecute all who were involved in bootlegging alcohol including John’s father, he then decided to move to Alaska from Kanas. The Entire burden fell on the shoulder of John at the very young age . It was in  1932,  when John started to earn money at very young age of 12 by delivering Paper .He was the only bread earner for entire family for Many years.

John Schnabel net worth

John Schnabel

In 1939, John finally decided to follow his father and moved to Haines in Alaska at the age of 19 sensing the opportunity of growth and money  He started working with his father in a small saw mills and also he worked in Logging Business.

It was on December 7,1942 when Pearl Harbour was bombed by Imperial Japanese Navy Air Service, the very next day John volunteered to Join the US Navy and support the cause but he was selected for Air corps instead of US Navy.


He returned to Haines after the end of world war in 1946, after his return to Haines he  bought Porcupine Mill which he later renovated and increased its capacity so it can produce 10,000 feet of board woods per day. John married Erma Dire in the year 1950 and couple have five children together.

john schnabel wedding card

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In 1984, at the age of 68, John bought his first claim at Porcupine Creek , he bought the mine as a place to take his children during summers. But in the year 1986 he suffered a major heart attack and underwent triple bypass surgery.


John Schnabel net worth

The Doctor suggested him to be more active after the Triple bypass surgery which motivated him to start gold mining and to become gold miner at the age of 68. John Schnabel net worth was as others before he entered Gold Mining as he got more involved into gold mining, and started making more money from the venture and John Schnabel net worth also increased later he renamed it as Big Nugget Mine.

John schnabel net worth

John schnabel Net worth

Parker Schnabel and Payson grew up, as a child they would spend summers at the mine with grandfather John Schnabel , where he taught his grandsons Payson and Parker how to prospect, pan and operate equipment and passed on to them his passion for gold mining.

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John Schnabel Gold Rush


The Schnabel family is part of “Gold Rush Alaska”, also known as “Gold Rush”, a popular Television series which follows gold miners who attempt to earn a living mining for gold in Alaska.  “Gold Rush Alaska” series was started in December 2010 and is currently in its fourth season. John Schnabel was a recurring guest star on the series since its first season, Schnabel joined his grandsons Parker and Payson Schnabel on Gold Rush.

John Schnabel net worth

John Schnabel net worth

Gold Rush Currently in its third season. John Schnabel faced a massive heart attack at the end of Season 2. In 2011,John passed the management of operation of the Big Nugget Mine to his grandson, Parker Schnabel and he remained as adviser to him.

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 Parker Schnabel

Parker Schnabel

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John Schnabel Death

Gold rush

Gold rush

He returned to the mine as the boss when Parker returned to school. His mine has been successful for quite some time John Schnabel Passed away peacefully in his sleep on March 18, 2016 at the  age of 96 years, John Schnabel net worth by time of his death was $5 billion USD. He was an active man till his death, even in spite of having had a triple bypass surgery 30 odd years ago.

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