Kate Curran inspires through School the World

Kate Curran

Kate Curran born to parents who were in to public service, US media described her father’s demise as “Loss of a great man”. Journey of Kate Curran from high-powered attorney at General Electric to founder of School the world which empowering millions of poor children through Education.

Kate Curran’s Education

Kate studied B.A. from the College of the Holy Cross and scored distinction, from Quinnipiac University. Immediately following law school, she clerked in the U.S. District Court with Hon. Ellen B. Burns and the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit with Hon. Thomas J. Meskill.

kate curran

Kate Curran

Kate Curran and Fund raising

Kate ‘s journey as fund raiser started as Director of Annual Giving for the Boy Scouts of America, Greater New York Councils, she built bridges to the Retail & Fashion, Menswear, Wall Street and New York Society communities. Her special events were featured in Womenswear Daily, DNR-Menswear Daily, the New York Times and Institutional Investor.

During the 1990-1991 recession, she increased foundation and corporate revenues by 80%, special event revenues by 70%, annual Board giving by 50% and direct mail revenues by 85%. Kate soon joined General electricals and in very short span reached the level of high-powered attorney.

Sabbatical that changed Kate’s life…

During Curran’s sabbatical Kate travelled Tanzania, Zambia and Argentina and saw kids struggling for basic education, 12 children sharing one pencil in a Tanzania classroom, the young children working under the hot Andes sun, and the children crossing through crocodile-infested waters to get to school in a Zambian village who moved her to action.

She was inspired seeing young kids facing lot of struggle and overcoming it just to study. In 2009, she decided to fight extreme poverty by empowering kids by providing basic education. She launched her dream project “School the World”.

kate curran

School the world

School the World partners selects one village at a time. They start the project by Building schools, later they create sustainable supply of books, they train teachers and deeply engage with parents.

First School the World asks mayors in the towns contribute half the school’s infrastructure costs and asks the community to donate land and unskilled labour. Parents contribute about $1 for their children’s books.

This innovative strategy that has earned praise from US AID, Ministers of Education and leading education experts

School the World Funding

School the World partners with local NGOs and takes support of philanthropists, Curran tapped her network to raise money, reaching out to friends and family, old colleagues from GE, and alums of her college

kate curran

School the world

School the World has built 45 schools with 266 classroom libraries in two countries, empowered 2,993 parents as “first educators,” extensively trained 201 teachers and educated nearly 5,500 students.

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School the World Mission 2020

kate curran

school the world

Curran, now 53 intends to keep expanding. By 2020, she aims to have 100 schools that serve 10,000 impoverished kids, and she wants to add one or two more countries. She’s currently considering the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, Colombia and Paraguay.


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