Lawrence Joseph Ellison born on August 17, 1944 in New York city, his mother, Florence Spellman was an unwed immigrant from Odessa and was just 19 years. Larry Ellison was just 9 months old she gave him up for adoption to her uncle who lived in Chicago, His journey from Motherless child to founder of oracle is inspirational. Larry Ellison net worth today is USD 62 Billion.

Larry Ellison as a child

Larry Ellison as a child

Louis Ellison and Lillian Spellman Ellison were Larry Ellison adopted parents. Louis Ellison was a Russian immigrant and hence had “Ellison” as his last name in tribute to Ellis Island gateway where he immigrated to the United States.


Larry Ellison spent his entire childhood in a two-bedroom apartment on the city’s South Side. He did not knew that he was a adopted kid till he was twelve years old.


Larry Ellison adopted Parents

Larry Ellison adopted Parents

His adoptive father Louis Ellison was too harsh but his adopted mother Lillian Spellman Ellison who was sister of his biological mother was caring him a lot. His adopted father  had lost his real estate business in the Great Depression and made a modest living as an auditor for the public housing authority.

Larry Ellison Education

Larry Ellison completed his high school from South Shore High School, even since his schooling days Larry was interested in complicated subjects such as spaceship construction, high technology, and engineering, he was also good at sports he played squash, volleyball, and hockey.

university of Illinos

University of Illinois

Larry Ellison after graduating in 1962 joined University of Illinois, but dropped out of university during second year exam as his adoptive mother died of cancer and he subsequently dropped out of Illinois university.

Ellison again enrolled at the University of Chicago, to pursue his degree in physics and mathematics. He dropped of Chicago university just after one quarter .Ellison decided to learn computers and  learnt computer programming.

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Larry Ellison Initial Career

Larry Ellision after learning Programming and getting expertise in it , he decided to work as freelancer his main intention was to make good money, he found freelancing was one such platform where people never used to care about the degree but gave value about his talent.

Ampex coporation

Ampex coporation

In 1966, Ellison decided to move to California in search of job where he worked for many small firms but in 1977 he joined a company by name Ampex Corporation, where one of his main project was to build a database for the CIA, whose code name was ‘Oracle’.


Larry Ellison journey as Entrepreneur and Larry Ellison Net worth

In 1977, Robert Miner who was the supervisor of Ellison in Ampex left the company co-founded a company called Software Development Laboratories (SDL), with Bruce Scott and Ed Oates with the investment of $800 very soon Ellison joined the firm and funded $1200.Initially it was a consulting business and  soon they decided to go into the software business.

Larry Ellison Net worth

Larry Ellison Net worth- Ed oates

Ed Oates introduced Robert Miner and Ellison to a research paper by Edgar F. Codd on RDBMS called “A Relational Model of Data for Large Shared Data Banks,” which impressed Larry Ellison Soon Ellison decided that they should work on RDBMS as which will be the future of Technology

Larry Ellison Oracle Systems Corporation

In 1979, they renamed Software Development Laboratories (SDL) as Relational Software Inc., and by 1982 the company reached $2.5 million mark. Larry Ellison invested 25 percent of the revenue into R&D. In 1982 the company officially renamed as Oracle Systems Corporation which was named after they launched Oracle RDBMS, which was an object-relational database management system.

Larry Ellison Net worth

Larry Ellison Net worth

In 1986, the revenue of Oracle reached $55 million. Oracle started to focus on the big clients such as government agencies and international companies in the automotive, aerospace, pharmaceutical and manufacture industries.

On March 12, 1986, Oracle Systems Corporation initiated its IPO on the NASDAQ stock exchange with the initial cost per share of $15 that increased to $20.75 at the close of the trading day by selling 2.1 million shares and raising $31.5 million.

Larry Ellison wife and Larry Ellison Net worth

Larry Ellison Personal life is not successful as his professional life.

In 1967 he met his first wife, Adda Quinn, when he was a student. They lived in a one–room apartment for three years, until buying a house in Oakland in 1970. Neither made much money, and Ellison often took a pay cut when he changed jobs, they lived together for seven years, and it ended up with Adda’s leaving.

In 1976 he again married Nancy Wheeler Jenkins, who was a Stanford University student. However the marriage did not stand long as Nancy Wheeler Jenkins took divorce in 1978.

Larry Ellison Net worth


In 1983, Larry Ellison got married to Barbara Boothe, who was a former receptionist at Relational Software Inc. The couple lived together for four years and even gave birth to David and Margaret. They got divorced in 1986.

In December 2003 Larry Ellison married Melanie Craft, a romance novelist., the couple got married at his Woodside estate. The official photographer was Ellison’s late friend Steve Jobs, the co-founder of Apple, Inc. As a wedding present, Ellison gave 911,744 Oracle’s shares worth $11.9 million to his fourth wife, Melanie Craft. The couple got divorced in 2010.

Nikita Kahn

Nikita Kahn

As of 2017, Larry Ellison is dating with Nikita Kahn, a Ukrainian animal rights activist, actress, and model who is running her personal fashion blog.

Larry Ellison House and Larry Ellison Net worth

It is a known fact that Larry is found of Houses and Yacht. He spends most of the money he earned in buying luxurious houses and yachts. Larry Ellison Net worth majorly dependent on his luxurious houses and yatch. Here are the list of Larry Ellison house.

In 1988, Ellison bought  William Wurster home in San Francisco’s swanky Pacific Heights for $3.9 million,  His home in Woodside, Calif., modelled after a 16th-century Japanese emperor’s palace, is worth an estimated $70 million. The 23-acre estate took nine years to design and build, and it was completed in 2004.

He also owns a historic garden villa in Kyoto, Japan, which was reportedly listed for $86 million, though the price he paid is unknown. Ellison owns as many as two dozen properties in Malibu, Calif., including 10 on billionaire-packed Carbon Beach.

In 2012 he bought the home belonging to former Yahoo CEO Terry Semel, and in 2013 he paid $18 million for producer Jerry Bruckheimer’s house. One of his Malibu homes, a 2,800-square-foot oceanfront cottage, is available to rent for $65,000 a month this summer.

In 2004, he paid $17.6 million for the parcel that’s now home to Nobu Malibu, an ultra-trendy Japanese restaurant popular among Hollywood A-listers. In 2013 he opened a Mediterranean restaurant called Nikita just next door.


He bought the Malibu Racquet Club for $6.9 million in 2007. The facilities have been vastly improved since the purchase, and tennis pros Victoria Azarenka and Serena Williams have been spotted here.

This 2.5-acre home in Snug Harbor, just one of three parcels Ellison owns in Lake Tahoe, sold for $20.35 million in July 2014. He’s reportedly working on building another home that’s three times the size of this one, with 18,000 square feet of living space in addition to an island, waterfalls, and a tennis court.

In 2010, he paid $10.5 million for the Beechwood Villa in Newport, R.I. He’s planning to turn the historic home, which once belonged to the Astor family, into a museum to house his extensive 19th-century art collection.

Ellison bought Porcupine Creek from Yellowstone Club founders Tim and Edra Blixseth for $42.9 million in 2011. The private golf club, which is located in Rancho Mirage, Calif., includes a main house with a whopping 16 bedrooms, in addition to several separate guest houses.

Ellison raised some eyebrows when in 2012 he paid a reported $500 million to buy 98% of the Hawaiian island of Lanai. Since then, he’s bought two airlines, refurbished the island’s hotels, and started investing in clean energy sources. He plans to use the island as an experiment for environmentally sound practices.

In February 2014, Ellison reportedly purchased 21 more residential properties near the Four Seasons Resorts Lanai at Manele Bay, spending a little more than $41 million.

Larry Ellison House

Larry Ellison House – Newport

  • Malibu mansion: Purchased for $20 million in 2005, this palatial property consists of 9 bedrooms, pool table, guesthouse, 3 recording studios, tennis court, a lavish swimming pool, and a cable railway to ferry guests to and fro between the mansion and the pool.
  • Malibu Home: This is another one of the multiple homes owned by Ellison on the expensive Carbon Beach in Malibu. Larry bought this oceanfront, minimalist glass and steel home for $37 million. Sitting pretty on a quarter-acre of land on the beach itself, this modern dwelling features 9 bedrooms and 13 baths with a living space spread over an airy 10,317 sq. feet.
  • Beechwood Mansion: The ample space is what attracted Ellison to buy this home for $10.5 million. The spacious mansion features a ballroom, receiving room, music room, formal dining room, morning room, an expansive lawn, and a large terrace, as well as a separate area where one can even hold wedding ceremonies.
  • Porcupine Creek: Spread over 249 acres, this luxurious property has 16 bedrooms and a 19-hole golf course. Ellison bought it for $39.2 million.The interiors are classic vintage adorned by medieval furniture and artifacts, a cozy fireplace in the living room, an indoor swimming pool with stunning views of the mountains, and marble stairs and gorgeous sculptures at the entrance.
  • Lake Tahoe resort: This estate consists of a few adjacent properties which were purchased and consolidated by Ellison for nearly 100 million dollars. The estate has around 420 feet of lake shore front, while the living space is spread over 18,000 square feet. Other features include 2 private piers, a beach house, a main house with a spa and an infinite swimming pool, a writer’s cabin, and a cottage.
  • Woodside Mansion: This property is one of the prized possessions of Ellison. Via his company Octopus Holdings LP, the billionaire purchased this mansion for $12 million in 1995 and converted it into a 16th century countryside mansion of a Japanese emperor. The estate features the 7,800 square feet main mansion, nine other buildings, a traditional tea house, 7 bedrooms, bath house, waterfalls and a koi pond spread across 2.8 acres, gardens, and a 2.3 acre artificial lake.
  • Turkey Lane Mansion: Ellison purchased this colonial architecturally styled mansion for $23 million in 2005. It covers 6.88 acres and comprises of 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, an onsite natural small stream, a heart-shaped swimming pool, and 2 five-stall horse barns.
  • San Francisco home: Ellison purchased this fine estate in 1988 for just $3.9 million. Featuring 5 bedrooms and spread over 10,000 sq. feet, it is located in the fancy Pacific Heights community.
  • Ellison owns the Lanai Island, the 6thlargest island of Hawaii. He purchased it from fellow billionaire David Murdock for about 500 to 600 million dollars.
Lake tahoe house

Lake tahoe house- Larry Ellison Net woth

  • Ellison owns 2 classy jets, i.e., a Citation X, and a Gulfstream V.
  • Ellison owns an Audi R8 (a 2-seater sports car), an Acura NSX, a McLaren F1, and a Lexus LFA.

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Larry Ellison Yacht

Larry Ellison is fond of yacht he has owned several superyachts , the 58 meter Lurssen yacht Ronin designed by Norman Foster, the 75 meter Blohm and Voss yacht Katana ,the 138 meter Lurssen yacht Rising Sun  and currently Ellison owns the 88 meter Feadship motor yacht Musashi. All Larry Ellison yacht have a Japanese themed name.

Larry Ellison yacht

Larry Ellison yacht


Larry Ellison Net Worth

Larry Ellison Net worth

Larry Ellison Net worth

According to Forbes Larry Ellison net worth as of 2014 was about $62.0 billion. Ellison is one of the World’s richest person who likes to dress up in tailor made Italian shirts and suits. Larry is also an avid adventurer and a follower of professional lawn tennis. He has spent millions of dollars pursing a variety of outdoor sports such as sailing, and luxury house.

Larry Ellison Philanthropy

Larry Ellison not only will be remembered by Larry Ellison Net worth but by his social cause, he  remembers his humble background he is actively involved in Philanthropy and he gave away $1 million to the American Red Cross Haiti Relief Fund. Larry offered to donate to the Federal government a specific software after the 9/11 terrorist attacks, so as to enable the government to create, run, and maintain a national identification database, as well as issue ID cards. In 2016 he pledged $200 million to the University of Southern California for a cancer treatment center.

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