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In Rapidly Digitalizing world the dependency on technology is also growing at the rapid pace, apart from companies in the technology sector, there are an increasing number of businesses which rely on computer code for their growth. The term Learn coding has also gained lot of Importance in past few years.

The Trend Learn Coding has turned into movement in past few months, top politicians , NPOs like Code.org have stressed the need for Learn l code to stay in digital world. Top 8 of 25 jobs this year are Technical Positions according to Glassdoor Report.

Why One should learn coding ?

  • The Demand for Coding skills are increasing in Market
  • Coding helps in Innovativeness and can lead to Entrepreneurship
  • Coding help in simplifying problem solving
  • Coding helps in increasing Creativity.
  • To increase Job Prospects

Here are list of Skills which were demand in 2017

  • SQL – Databases
  • Java -General purpose programming
  • Javascript -Web development
  • Linux – Computer system operations
  • XML – General purpose programming
  • C++ -General purpose programming, especially in engineering
  • C# -General purpose programming
  • Python -General purpose programming
  • .NET -General purpose programming.

It is now very easy for everyone to Learn coding as there are n number of websites which are offering courses like learn coding which can be made use and can be learnt remotely staying at home. Here  are the list of websites which are teaching  Learn to code for free.


  1. Code Academy: Code academy is one of the place for “ Learn to code”. Code academy uses innovative methods of teaching through Projects and Quizzes which helps to learn to code in simpler way.


  1. Free Code Camp: Free Code Camp allows you to learn the skills in building real world projects required  for  It has list of  Open source Platform where one can practice coding challenge and learn to code.


  1. Code Wars: Code Wars is a platform where it provides tasks to sharpen coding skills and slowly allow to create one’s own challenge.


  1. The Odin Project: It is the free version of Viking code school , it will allow students learn coding through connecting with other learners.


Learn coding

Learn coding

  1. HackerRank: Hacker rank is also a Learn coding platform which allows to learn coding through solving code challenge.


  1. CodeFights: CodeFight is also a Learn coding initiative where the students are allowed to learn coding by competing with the strangers and friends to increase ranking.


  1. Upskill: It is an unique platform where one can learn to code from zero to pro.


  1. edX: edX is another open source platform for Learn coding initiative where one can join courses related to computers from top universities like MIT and Harvard for free.


  1. Courseera: It is similar to edX where one can learn to code from top universities and have to pay to download certificate.


  1. MIT OpenCourseware: MIT OpenCourseware allows one to access the free courses from MIT Library to learn coding.


  1. Khan Academy : Khan Academy is another large education platform that has content on subjects from math to music–including, of course, programming, It is useful to learn coding in the basic courses.


  1. GA Dash: General Assembly’s  Online learning Platform will help  Learn to code through Project based approach.


  1. Udacity : It is a Nano Degree platform which will train individual In a particular course to help them in  learn coding.


  1. SoloLearn: SoloLearn is a social learning platform where anyone can learn to code easily. It uses mobile platform to teach hence differ from others.


  1. Bento.io : Their mission is to inspire people learn to code and to make them accessible, affordable and fun


  1. The Code Player: The code Player is a compilation of video tutorials to help one to learn coding from start to finish.


  1. Code.org: Code.org provides learning materials specifically dedicated to increasing the rates of female and minority students entering computer science careers hence can be accessed to learn coding.


  1. Sciotch.io: It is a website which offers short courses on topics related to web development and will allow to learn to code in simpler way.


  1. Learncode academy: It is similar to Scotch which offer learn coding programs in Web development field through video based education.


  1. Derek Banas: Banas is also a video based teaching platform to learn to code , it teaches through single video.

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Apart from the above mentioned sites there are several other Websites and YouTube platform which is concentrating on Coding Literacy. Whether it is for personal growth and development, career advancement, career change, or just a desire to improve digital literacy, knowledge of how software works and the ability to contribute to developing new software means that there is no limit to the impact .



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