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The growing population and lack of public infrastructure is challenge for developing countries, Bangladesh is facing similar problems due to rapid growth in population. mDoc is an innovative social start-up which aims to provide health to rural Bangladesh through digital tablets where doctor to patient ratio of 1:2500.

Bangladesh due to rapid urbanization and growing urban migration to Dhaka, more than 70 percent of population resides in remote places with less or no access to the hospitals and due to high cost people refrain from travelling to urban hubs for treatment.

Born in political family whose father dedicated his life to Bangladesh Paribesh Andolon, Rubayat Khan completed interdisciplinary major of Demography and Environmental Management in Independent University Bangladesh, he worked for a month in BBC’s innovative programme “Mayoral Songlap”.


Rubayat Khan founder of mDoc

In 2009, Rubayat Khan met Mridul Chowdary in an art function and learnt about his innovative social startup ClickDiagnostics which provides a mobile technology-based infrastructure to connect community-based health workers to remote medical specialists in Egypt.

The concept of ClickDiagnostics impressed Rubayat khan who requested Mridul to start such initiative in Bangladesh, but Mridul explained about shortage of funds to start Bangladesh operation, Rubayat decided to work for free till he joins Harvard for his higher studies.

ClickDiagnostics was officially started in Bangladesh in 2009 with in short time it expanded its presence in Bangladesh due to 3 to 4 projects including BRAC meanwhile Rubayat Khan completed his masters from Harvard.

mdoc (Now it is called “jeeon”) is digital platform was started in 2013, similar to DoctHERs is an innovative digital medical platform which bridges the divide between rural patients and urban doctors through a local intermediary, which aims to provide access to qualified doctors for rural populations there by ensuring rural healthcare.

How mDoc works?

The working model of mdoc is simple, it selects an established rural pharmacist is selected as a franchisee, and provide them a tablet printers, and medical devices like blood pressure cuffs and glucose meters as part of the initial package for the registered pharmacists and train them to use it. The patients approach Pharmacist and he sends doctor the problems of patients through tablet.

The concept behind the mdoc is very much similar to micro-enterprise model of Grameen Ladies where women who used to buy a mobile phone with micro-credit loan and then sell talk time to people who did not own a phone, in mdoc health entrepreneur could sell health services in remote areas.


Mobile App (website)

mDoc is constantly innovating themselves and is now  partnering with automated diagnostics and artificial medical intelligence engines like IBM Watson and Enlitic. mdoc is now saving patient medical histories in mDoc’s database, along with their fingerprints as the record sits on the cloud, which can be accessed from any established hospital.

Future of mDoc

mdoc is world’s first sustainable rural health delivery model for remote areas which is bridging gap between rural mass and health care through digital way.


The Team (facebook)

mDoc till now treated over 1500 patients and has received good response across Bangladesh and now mdoc is also operating in Myanmar the team is now planning to expand their presence across the globe to provide healthcare facility to rural areas.


Written by storypmb