Meena Gabeena – voice of the oppressed

Meena Gabeena

Meena Gabeena a young Pakistan human rights activist is bringing drastic change in life of rural Pakistanis with social initiatives through her Non-profit organization ‘Meenay Laas’, which means ‘hands of love’ in Pashto, a second largest regional language.

Meena Gabeena

Meena Gabeena (Twitter)

Meena’s journey for social change started in 2010 when Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) a western province of Pakistan was hit by floods, Meena visited Nowshera a district of KP which was affected by floods just after 3 days of floods even when water level was high and She understood the needs of displaced families.

Meena returned back to Islamabad and raised funds for the displaced families through Facebook group of Meenay Laas, Pakistanis from different parts of the world contributed for the noble cause.

Meena Gabeena

Meenay Laas

Meena Gabeena – Inspiring journey towards Social change

Meena’s  journey towards social change  was not easy, even with the opposition from the local authorities Meenay Laas was successful in installing water filters in flood hit areas even quicker than rest of NGOs operating in the area since decades, since then Meenay Laas never looked back.

Tharparkar is an under developed district in Sindh province of Pakistan which has lowest Human Development Index, Meena is transforming the place both Socially and economically.

Meena recently selected small village called Dhana Ghaon in Behrano of Nagarparkar, Tharparkar which was once had majority of Jains and Hindu population but now remains under developed due to the negligence of Govt. Meena teamed up with local human right champion Veerji Kohli and providing support for local residents who hardly get water to drink by constructing wells, building schools, providing sewing machines to local women to create employment opportunities.

Meena Gabeena

Meena with Kids ( Twitter)

Meena has planned to construct 7 wells in the village, she is providing solar panels and five schools have also been introduced to the area since Meenay Laas began work. Meena is a champion of Human Rights and voice of Minorities, she condemns Extremism and love peace, she is also a fan of yoga and vegetarianism.

Meena Gabeena

Economic empowerment (Twitter)



Though I am from India, I respect Meena and her work, she is indeed symbol of social change, I wish she keeps her task of social change going and become inspiration to many people.


Note: This article is written with the help of various articles written about Meena Gabeena and my observation as her follower on twitter @gabeeno.  Sincere Apologize if any Mistake.

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