Nano’s Failure And Why It Is A Success

Tata Motors launched the Nano over a decade ago and through the years, there has been only one thought in everyone’s minds: why did this tiny car fail so miserably? The marketing was done on a large scale, with the car being pivoted as the first battery powered car. However, despite its best intentions, this particular car failed miserably. While one would have thought the company would learn from its disastrous failures, Tata Motors recently announced its intention to re brand the car as an electric car.  Most people think this is a really bad idea while others look at what they can learn from Tata’s successful failure. Here is looking at how to grow despite having fallen so hard on your face!

1. Communicate clearly and often

If there is one thing Ratan Tata learnt form the failure of Nano, it was to communicate your message clearly. Listen to the message your advisers are giving and let them know something goes wrong.

2. Stay humble 

Humility is one of those traits that goes a long way in establishing yourself. Being humble shows how much in touch with reality you are and how far you can go to protect what you built up from nothing. One of the main reasons Nano is making a comeback is for this very reason. Ratan Tata knew what he did wrong and was never afraid to show his mistakes.

3. Promote your work quietly and with grace

One of the major things which went wrong with the Nano is the promotional style. If only Tata Motors had promoted the car quietly and with grace, the car could have done wonders in the country!

4. Be yourself 

Ratan Tata should have been true to his ideas. “I realised the shoes I had to fill were far too big to mimic (taking over from his uncle J. R. D. Tata in 1991), and so I decided to be myself and that to do what I thought was right would be the way to go,” Ratan Tata had said about his family.

Nano is poised for a comeback and how! If you think you learnt something unique from Nano, then comment and let us know!


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