NOKIA BELL LABS $100 k Challenge

Nokia is rebranding itself and is in News from past few weeks, recently Nokia Announced Nokia 3310 and now it is offering reward of $100K for innovative ideas through Nokia Challenge.



The Bell Labs Prize is conducting competition for innovators and researches from all parts of the world to recognize proposals that ‘change the game’ in the field of information and communications technologies by a factor of 10, and promises the selected innovative ideas and innovators an opportunity and platform to implement those ideas in collaboration with Bell Labs researchers.

 NOKIA BELL LABS $100 k Challenge


Submit your Idea relating to field of information and communication with Maximum of 250 words which you can feel can change the life of people. There is an option to attach 3 pages of text and/or images to share the idea.

There are few categories on which the ideas can be submitted:

Web Applications, Cloud Services, Information Theory, Coding Theory, Computational Sciences, Cryptography, Distributed Systems, Data Privacy, Mathematics of Networks, Modulation Schemes, Optical Systems or Components, Communications Systems, Network Protocols, Security, Network Architecture, RF design, Sustainability, Wireless, Fixed Network technologies, Software-Defined Networks, Virtualization Technologies, Real-time Analytics, Search algorithms, Self-Optimizing Networks, Inference systems.


Nokia Bell Labs challenge(website)


The selected ideas from the above ideas will be given a platform to develop each element of the idea from vision until initial thoughts on implementation through to description of context, risks and impact. Bell Labs researcher as a Partner (BLRP) will help the innovator in turning idea to reality.


Ideas will be evaluated by Bell Labs researchers based on the following 3 criteria:

  • 10x Innovation Potential – How is proposal novel – what has not been done before, what is the “out of the box” thinking that could result in a 10x change in performance (e.g., speed/throughput, distance, latency, cost, energy efficiency or simplicity)?
  • Technical Merit – How technically sound is the proposal? On what current principles and capabilities does it depend versus further/future advancements and innovations?
  • Feasibility – Can a proof of concept, simulation or demonstration be built in the course of the competition? What is required to do so? In order to build a commercially viable (revenue and profit-generating) solution, what more would be required?
  • Business Impact – What is the magnitude of the new ICT-related business created by the proposal? How soon could it be brought to market and how differentiated/unique is the proposition?

NOKIA BELL LABS $100 k Challenge Prize:

 Bell Labs will be awarding a 1stprize of $100K, 2nd Prize of $50K and 3rd prize of $25K. All three winners will also be considered for the unique opportunity to work within the world-renowned Bell Labs to further explore their ideas, following the end of the competition.


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