Uganda is small country in East Africa, which is also a part of African Great Lakes Region, Uganda is part of Nile basin hence has a varied but generally a modified equatorial climate. Uganda still remained as developing economy due to Political crisis and massive corruption. start Network of Women in Agribusiness and Development ( NoWAD ) an innovative social start-up in agricultural dominated Uganda which empowers life poor women.

NoWAD – The Start

Anna Otedor Kusiima a public health professional and Fiona Nambaziira Luswata a social worker and former banker joined hands with 5 others who all had interest and knowledge to change lives of the poor women of Uganda.



The team of 7 Joined hands in 2015 to start Network of Women in Agribusiness and Development ( NoWAD), to use their professional and agricultural knowledge to improve the lives of poor women.

NoWAD -Journey towards Sustainability

NoWAD works on empowering women in a sustainable way, it trains rural women to make products which beneficiary can use and sell for extra income, the products include jelly, soap and reusable sanitary pads.


NoWAD Empowering Women

To improve optimal use of farming land to improve nutrition and well-being, the team teaches backyard gardening, farming in small spaces, and how to manage garbage, a healthy environment and family finances.

It currently bringing its self-sufficiency tool set to households in two districts in central Uganda — Mityana and Wakiso. It launched a piggery project in the fall of 2016, because raising pigs does not require a lot of space. Piggeries can scale up fairly quickly because females conceive every 6 months. It started the initiative by giving away seven piglets to a group of 15 women in one district, and then later gave out another eight piglets in a second district. Women participating in the project are expected to expand their piggeries to include between three and five mothers and to donate piglets to other women.

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NoWAD-Mission 2020

It is reaching out to the younger generation, it teaches school children about the importance on nutrition, reproductive health, gender equality and importance of Tree Plantation.


Empowering school Kids

NoWAD by 2020 aims to create a network of 5,000 Ugandan women who can become change agent, and to empower 20,000 with skills and training and help them to come out of Poverty trap.


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