Ola wheels – April fool by Ola

ola wheels

April 1st is celebrated every year as April Fool’s Day by playing Prank and spreading hoaxes, earlier Fool’s day used to be celebrated between Individuals, due to high market competition even corporate has started using Fools Day as stage of Publicity.  Ola wheels is one such incident used by Ola  to make fool of customer by releasing their upcoming product which is unreal.

Ola a Bangalore Based Cab service provider is using April 1st as a promotion platform by releasing their upcoming products/ services which will look as innovative and pioneer in market and end up fooling people.

 OLA AIR– 2016

Ola Started the initiative of using April 1st as promotion platform in 2016, when Ola’s announced that it is launching #OlaAir which is low cost air transportation option for those who want to visit far place at low price.

ola wheels


The Ola Air was announced by founder Bhavish Aggarwal in a video saying the that will be pioneer initiative by Ola where one can book a chopper through the new feature which is embedded into the app and one can book a chopper ride in real-time evading all the traffic, congestion and can also track the ride.

ola wheels


#Ola tried to make it real by showing a Pilot with chopper describing the feature and claimed chopper service aimed to fly people to their destinations in real-time at just Rs.499 per hour.


 OLA Wheels– 2017

Yesterday, ie., APRIL 1st of 2017, Ola cabs announced that they will be launching Ola Wheels, Ola wheels is an innovative product of Ola which is used to provide service to customer to commute inside the buildings.

Ola wheels are small electric scooters that can take customers from one place to another at very low cost of just Rs 49. A product of the Ola Labs, the Wheels works on voice-based Artificial Intelligence technology.

ola wheels

Ola wheels

What is Ola wheels?

The new features Ola Wheels is integrated into the Ola App, the user need Just open the ‘Wheels’ icon which is integrated into existing Ola app which will appear if user open the app.

The innovative feature is still in Beta stage and can be accessed in wheel enabled zones and Ola claims to have covered a large number of corporate business zones and are planning three tier for Ola Wheels – Wheels Reach, Wheels Rental, and Wheel Play.

Though the News by Ola was untrue but Ola is using April 1st as an opportunity to gain publicity at low cost by Posting innovative and real like business venture Ideas.


Written by storypmb