Online Aushadhi is Nepal’s ePharma Startup

The Himalayan country Nepal is slowly turning into land of opportunity for Start-up and innovation, Online Aushadhi is one such novel idea of selling Medicines online.

Sanjeev Singh and Sabi Singh, two siblings who come from the family of pharmacy business where one studied health and other IT, decided of take their family business to next level.

The increasing market of e-commerce in Nepal created a wide opportunity for start-ups which offered clothes, cosmetics, electronics, groceries etc. Sanjay and Sabi decided to start an online pharmacy which was first in Nepal.

It was in August 2016, the siblings launched their dream start-up “Online Aushadhi “with the slogan ‘Why go to the store when medicines can come to your door’.

Online Aushadhi

Online Aushadhi (website)

The aim of the Start-up was to offer better customer services with low price at their door step, the use of advance technology and strong customer focus made this start-up success in span of months.

Online Aushadhi has software to process orders, dispense medicines, maintain the track record of all the prescription ordered by patients this will help the patients to order it again next time.

The Patients need to present doctor’s prescription while ordering the medicines, this will check the unwanted use of medicines, the innovative alert system used by the start-up to remind the patients to buy the medicines for diabetes patients has received good response.

Online Aushadhi now tied up with 70 Pharma companies, they have setup their own store to keep the stock of the medicine to avoid the shortage, the stocks for regular patients are placed separately so that no shortage occurs.

The company keeps 3 months’ medicines back up for the regular patients so that even when medicine is shortage in market the patients are least affected.

The start-up along with selling medicines online also sell first aid kits for the corporate, hotels, schools who can buy the those in large numbers at a time.

Online Aushadhi

Travel First Aid Kit(Website)

The innovative start-up now gets more than 3 new registrations a day and carry out an average of 6 deliveries in a day and Online Aushadhi is now planning to expand its business across Nepal.


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