Parker Schnabel Net Worth 2017

Parker Schnabel

Parker Schnabel born on July 22, 1994 in Haines, Alaska of United States. He born to Roger Schnabel and Nancy, Parker Schnabel Grandfather is legendary Gold miner John Schnabel. The Parker Schnabel Net worth at the young age of 22 is  $2 million.

Parker Schnabel Grandfather

Parker Schnabel Grandfather

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In 1984, at the age of 68, John bought his first claim at Porcupine Creek , he bought the mine as a recreational place to take his grandchildren during summers.

Parker Schnabel Grandfather

Parker Schnabel Grandfather

Parker Schnabel and his brother Payson Schnabel spent most of the time at their Grandparents house, It was when Parker Schnabel was just 9 years old he first visited the mine along with his father Roger Schnabel since then he got interested in Mining and Drilling.

Parker Schnabel Education

Parker Schnabel Discontinued his education after his Schooling and is concentrating completely on Gold mining in Big Nugget Mine.

Parker Schnabel Net Worth

In order to understand the Parker Schnabel net worth It is important to know how he started the mining business.

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Roger Schnabel used to manage the Big Nugget Mine of his father John Schnabel but due to his ill health he stepped down from the business and it was Parker Schnabel who took the responsibility and took over the driver seat and handled the teams of employees who were twice of his age.

Parker Schnabel ordered drilling equipment which were vital for operations from one of the famous drilling equipment production company and started drilling in lands.

Parker Schnabel instead of attending college he used his college funds to set-up his own mining operation, and he was successful in it as found an impressive 960 grams of gold in his rookie season in the Klondike.

The 960 grams of Gold increased Parker Schnabel net worth from zero to $55000, which was the turning point of the Parker mining career since then he did not turn back.

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Gold Rush and Parker Schnabel

The Schnabel family is part of “Gold Rush Alaska”, also known as “Gold Rush”, a popular Television series which follows gold miners who attempt to earn a living mining for gold in Alaska.

“Gold Rush Alaska” series was started in December 2010 and is currently in its fourth season. John Schnabel was a recurring guest star on the series since its first season, Schnabel joined his grandsons Parker and Payson Schnabel on Gold Rush.

Gold Rush Currently in its third season. John Schnabel faced a massive heart attack at the end of Season 2. In 2011,John passed the management of operation of the Big Nugget Mine to his grandson, Parker Schnabel and he remained as advisor to him

What is Parker Schnabel Net Worth

The Major source of Income for Parker Schnabel is from Gold mining and from National Geographic channel from a Program called Gold Rush. Parker Schnabel net worth is purely dependent on these two incomes.

Parker Schnabel Net worth

Parker Schnabel Net worth

Parker Schnabel Net Income from Gold Rush is around $25000 per month and $500,000 per annum. Parker Schnabel Net worth is approximately $2 Million and at his age he is one of the richest person.

Parker Schnabel Gold Rush

Gold rush

Gold rush

In Season 5 of the Gold rush Parker and his team mined around 2538 ounces of gold Worth around $3 million.Parker Schnabel’s team discovered 3.7 million dollars’ worth gold in 6th season of Gold rush. The team mined 3362 ounces of gold during the season and was a record in the history of the Gold rush as no one has mined so much of Gold during a season.

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Parker Schnabel Grandfather death

John Schnabel, who was not only Parker Schnabel Grandfather but also was the guide died in his sleep on March 18th  , he was 96 years old when he left the Earth.

Parker Schnabel Girl friend

Parker Schnabel Girlfriend

Parker Schnabel Girlfriend

Parker Schnabel had many girlfriends but he recently found a girlfriend from Australia by name Ashley Yule, whom he describes as super-understanding as she also helps him in his business, Parker met Ashley in Australia and later invited her to North America.

Parker Schnabel house and Parker Schnabel Net Worth

Parker Schnabel House

      Parker Schnabel House

Parker Schnabel net worth is also evident from his house, Parker Schnabel house is in Alaska, he owns his dream mansion in Alaska, Parker Schnabel house is of worth $950k. Parker Schnabel house has all the modern facilities, it is impressive that at the young age of 23, Parker Schnabel house worth $950k.

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