Pink Taxi Women-only taxi service in Karachi

The women Harassment is the common problem in the subcontinent , the sexual harassment is affecting the economical activity at the whole. To reduce the Women Harassment during the daily commuting , the Pakistan couple has launched Pink Taxi which is for and by women .

Pink Taxi

                                      Pink Taxi

Pakistan is ranked at number 56 out of the 58 countries according to World Economic Forum’s gender-gap index .The UNDP Human Development Report for 2005 ranked the country 107 amongst 177 countries for building the capabilities of women.

In Pakistan around 22 percent of women as compared to 67.8 percent of men officially partake in some or other economic activity, most of the working class of women has little or no formal education, only 32pc women have education levels of intermediate and higher. Women on average earn 38.6pc less than men in Pakistan with the pay gap persisting even if both sexes have the same level of education and are doing the same work.

The Low female labour force has an impact on economic growth in Pakistan. It is evident that only 3 to 5 percent of women in Pakistan have bank accounts. A research reports says if Pakistan is successful in closing gender gaps, the economic participation could boost GDP in Pakistan by up to 30 percent. Karachi being highly populated city in Pakistan with the overall population of 20 Million, the port city is the manufacturing hub of Pakistan and providing Jobs for many.

The study by ILO shows majority of women in conservative Karachi is not participating in the economical activities with a lack of safe transportation as one of the main obstacles. The research Report released Karachi’s Urban Resource Centre by in 2016 also says 55% of the women who travelled by public buses said they’d faced some kind of sexual harassment in the country’s commercial centre.

Pink Taxi – Taxi for Women

To reduce the problem faced by the women in commuting daily in Karachi a startup called Pink Taxi has started an unique initiative where in taxis are driven by women for female customers, the initiative was started in order to reduce female customer from the sexual harassment which is very commonly faced by female customers in Karachi.

The taxi initiative is started by Zahid Sheikh and his wife Ambreen Sheik to free the female commuters from sexual harassment in conservative city of Pakistan ,Karachi. In the traditional taxis the taxi driver reserves the right to adjust the rear-view mirror to know whatever the female customer are wearing, the services like Pink taxi was much needed as most women think twice before getting in a vehicle driven by a man.

How Pink Taxi Works

The Pink Taxi or Paxi also works similar to the other Taxi ,
a) App Booking: The customer can download the app and can create an account through their email Id and can book taxi through the GPS technology, once the Taxi is booked the App generates the 4 digit OTP and the customer need to tell the driver about the same when the respective taxi arrives at the pickup location.

Pink Taxi App

     Pink Taxi App

b) Call Booking: First When a customer calls at the call centre, the call centre executive will create an account of the customer using their cell number and issue them a 4-digit PIN. Once the ride comes to the customer, they’ll have to give the 4-digit code to initiate the ride.


c) The Customer also can book the ride just through the SMS facility, they can just text the help line number and can book the ride.


Pink Taxi Booking

             Pink Taxi Booking

In order to make sure that their cars are recognizable so a customer can stop and hail it, the company plans to vinyl wrap all their vehicles by their services.
The Pink Taxi has employed the Female Drivers women from all sorts of backgrounds like Maid, Students , Housewives etc, these Drivers wear Pink Scarf on their neck to symbolize the Pink taxi.

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Future of Pink Taxi

The Initial success of the Project in Karachi has boosted the confidence of Ambreen Sheik , The couple are now planning to extend the cab startup to Lahore and Islamabad over the next few months .

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