Ratan Tata the King Of The Indian Corporate World

No one can destroy iron, but its own rust can!
Likewise, none can destroy a person, but one’s own mindset can!

-Ratan Naval Tata

Ratan Naval Tata, the king of Indian corporate world, will be turning 81 this year in December. At this age, he does not shy away to show the love for cars proving to us that he is still young at heart and age is just a number. He started his career on the shop floor of Tata Steel in 1960s and he has headed the entire Tata Group as the Chairman. He is an Industrialist, an Investor and a Philanthropist, he has been inspiring newcomers in business and has invested in their companies as well. He has won more than 30 awards from the year 2001-2016 and was honoured with the Padma Bushan in 2000 and the Padma Vibushan in 2008.He has been a motivation to many and here are a few rules of success Tata established for young entrepreneurs to follow!

Failing sometimes will help you to appreciate your wins more and help you take better decisions later.

The future of tomorrow is in the hands of today, their thought process are unreachable. Ratan Tata believes in youth of today and he believes that they will take India to the next level.

When people throw you down or reject you, use that rejection to leave your mark in the world tomorrow.

Don’t think about deciding something which you think is right or wrong. Make one, go ahead and make it right.

Having or not having the talent is not in your hands. But, what mindset you make for yourself, to showcase to the world is definitely in your control. Talent can be learnt, so even that can be in your hands.

Being an inspiration to many Ratan Naval Tata has helped many individual entrepreneurs by investing in their businesses. Like any other newcomer Ratan Tata has also faced the same difficulties when he was announced as the chairman of the Tata Group. Fighting all these hurdles, today Ratan Tata is known as the King of the Indian corporate world.


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