Sheryl Sandberg: A Leading Force In The Tech Industry!

Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook’s Chief Operating Officer, is perhaps one of the most powerful women on Facebook’s board. As a majority of her life has been an open book (pun intended,) there are a lot of things aspiring entrepreneurs, young women and girls can learn from this iconic woman! Here are some lessons and facts about her that will motivate you for the rest of the week!

1. Her early life 

While in high school in the 1980s, Sandberg was an aerobics instructors clad in leggings, leg warmers and bright eye shadow. Later in college, she supposedly ran for the Harvard aerobics program.

2. The first female COO at Facebook 

When Facebook started growing, Mark Zuckerberg decided to make some historical decisions. One of the major choices he took was appointing Sheryl Sandberg as the first woman chief executive officer in the year 2012.

3. Sheryl was responsible for launching the Ban Bossy Campaign 

Sandberg launched the “Ban Bossy” campaign to empower women from a young age. She believes the “b-word” does not encourage women to lead and the campaign’s website reads: “Words like bossy send a message: Don’t speak up or take the lead. By middle school, girls are less interested in leading than boys — a trend that continues into adulthood.” Incidentally, the campaign broke records with Beyonce being a part of the initiative as well!

4. Grief turned her into a best selling author 

In 2015, Sheryl Sandberg’s first husband, Dave Goldberg, passed away unexpectedly on a trip to Mexico. In order to recuperate with the loss, Sheryl channeled her grief into writing. She turned a best selling author with the book Option B, where she shares her personal experience of dealing with loss and how she found the strength to persevere and find happiness once again.

5. Sandberg does not believing in having it all 

Despite being named as Time’s Most Influential Women in 2013 and being one of the of most successful COOs of Facebook, Sandberg does not believe in having it all. Post losing the love of her life, Snadberg decided to redirect her efforts into making the world a better place. With a host of interesting causes to her credit, Sheryl makes sure she gives to those less fortunate everyday!

An inspiration to many, Sheryl Sandberg proved over the years that she is a true force here to slay and stay! If you think we missed out on certain aspects of her life, comment and let us know!

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