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The past couple of years have been extremely integral for India with regards to the digitization of practically every industry. Carving a niche for itself, digital marketing has stood out as one of the pioneers of Digital India and has become a booming career option for millennials. In this transformative age, small companies along with large corporations have begun integrating digital marketing into their company culture to craft digital solutions for diverse industries.

Capitalizing on the opportunity provided by the developing digital marketing industry, Rohit Prasad and Vikram Kumar launched SRV Media in 2011, with no seed funding. Starting with the aim of providing industry wide digital solutions along with creating strong business impact and drive organizational performance, SRV crafts various digital solutions for diverse industries with their team of experts.

Featured in the top 50 list of Google Partner’s Game On International Contest, SRV Media is an end to end digital solution provider whose services include social media marketing, search engine marketing, designing and branding, mobile application development, website development, video and filmmaking and all their subsets. From having one client to expanding their clientele to more than 120 clients, Rohit Prasad and Vikram Kumar speak about their journey, their challenges and how they overcome the tough life.

“When we started doing business, trust was a major issue. We do not come from IIT’s or IIM’s so hiring employees and acquiring customers was a major issue especially due to competitiveness. However, we did not lose hope. We stayed connected to people who even said “No” to us. We started with small projects like SEO for Symbiosis University for a ticket size of Rs. 80,000. However, after being connected to them and seeing our work and performance they gave us more work. On the contrary, we also started working on technology solutions ourselves which could help our customers to automate processes on digital platforms. This helped us to get our first eureka moment where we bagged our biggest contract from an international customer. Moving further, we started building resources and slowly we started to scale. The biggest problem we solved in this business for our customers was “reliability.” Most of the digital marketing firms were not reliable. We work (sic) for hours every day and even on Sundays to ensure our customers get what they want, irrespective of what money is being poured into that effort. Our primary objective from day 1 has been retention of our customers. We still take strict action on employees who are not able to work proactively for doing more for our customers. We have now successfully grown to 120 employees with this attitude from a mere 2-3 customers to about 100+ PAN world.”

Five years into launching the digital marketing company, the duo decided to venture into the Payment Gateway market in 2016 with respect to the changing times. They launched ‘Easebuzz’ to solve the major problem in the current industry of payment gateway. Catering exclusively to small and medium sector enterprises, Easebuzz makes the process of setting up a merchant account easier to understand and execute.

Easebuzz is a payment aggregator which allows you to go online with your business in just 24 hours. Easebuzz as a name was incorporated as we wanted every business to go online (Digital) with ease! Our prime motive is to provide a platform by which the smallest of business can go online. The on boarding process is very simple. You just need to upload your PAN card and a bank proof online with few business details during sign up. Once done, we verify and then your account is approved.

Easebuzz also provides the opportunity for every homepreneur to scale their businesses without paying additional costs for hosting, setting up or as an asset management company (AMC.) With maximum payment options and the opportunity to customize payments, at Easebuzz, merchants can sell physical products, digital goods, memberships, services and event tickets.

In order to protect their clients from fraud, the team has also integrated Aadhaar to their system. “Aadhar is a major breakthrough for linking and transparency of bank accounts. We look at this move very seriously and we have also included Aadhar within our KYC on Easebuzz for our merchants. We feel Aadhar could help to track down fraud and could help to prevent you from unnecessary hassles of money laundering and transaction frauds. This is actually protecting the payment players from being cheated on transaction related fraud done by an end user,” the founders added.

Working hard to become India’s number 1 firm as an enabler for digital solutions, SRV is now venturing to data analytics with the aim to grow 5 times than its original strength in the next five years.

Written by storypmb