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Google CEO, Sundar Pichai, has proven to us all hard work is the key to success more than once. Born in Madurai, Pichai did his schooling in Chennai and studied metallurgical engineering from IIT Kharagpur. However, while all these facts about him are common knowledge, there are quite a few things that are still a mystery to us all. Today, we are here to tell you a couple of things you probably did not know about this man.

1. A success without technology 

Born into a family who worked hard to make ends meet, Pichai showed us that if you had the will, you will definitely find your way. Throughout his childhood, he didn’t have a television or computer at home. This actually pushed him to work towards a better life.

2. His Google interview on April’s Fool Day! 

Pichai revealed that his Google job interview was on 1 April or April Fools’ Day. “Google had just announced Gmail and it was invite-only, and people weren’t sure if it was an April Fools’ joke. During the interview, people kept asking me what I thought of Gmail and in my first three interviews, I couldn’t answer it well. During my fourth interview, someone showed me Gmail and then I was able to tell them what I think of it.” Pichai also joked that he was selected by Google because he was one of the first not to be interviewed by Google founder, Larry Page.

3. Google or Twitter? 

In 2011, Sundar Pichai had to make perhaps one of the toughest choices in his career. He was given an offer by Twitter and had to decide which offer to take. Thankfully, he made the right one and the rest, as they say, is history.

4. First Computer In IIT 

Pichai was perhaps one of the few IIT entrants who got in without access to computers early on in his life. In fact, he saw his first computer only AFTER he got into college.

5. Koffee With Karan Is His Favourite 

If you were worried about wasting your time watching Koffee With Karan, then worry no more. Sundar Pichai also watches it and in fact, has gone on record to say it is his favourite show!

6. Twitter was not the only company who wanted him 

Apparently, Twitter wasn’t the only company who wanted Pichai. He was offered quite a high post at Microsoft and Google made him stay back by offering him shares worth $ 50 million! Quite a catch, this man!

7. The memory man 

Did you know that Sundar Pichai still remembers all the numbers he used to dial from his landline phone? Imagine being able to remember those many numbers till date.

8. His idol 

Pichai’s idol in his college days was none other than the great man, Narayan Murthy! We can see where he gets his dedication from.

9. Women make him weak in the knees

Deepika Padukone’s allure is not lost on even one of the most learned men of all times. Bollywood star Deepika is Pichai’s favourite actress!

10. Flight or fright?

Pichai was scared of taking a flight for the longest time. His first time on a flight was when he travelled to the United States for work. Strange, right?

Sundar Pichai taught us that hard work is the key to success. Work hard enough and no dream is distant.

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