TrustBasket sell Gardening products online.

As the world is heading towards rapid urbanization and growing population, there is a big threat to sustainability due to which the importance of terrace gardens is increased and as a result, TrustBasket is formed.


TrustBasket a Bangalore based Startup offers customized terrace Garden solution to help household to go green. Shekhar Shekhar  comes with an agricultural background family is an Electronics and Communication Engineer who left his well paid job in top MNC to support farmers who are into organic farming. The interest of gardening helped him to start a new business idea and started an e-commerce website called TrustBasket in February 2015.


        TrustBasket ( Website)

TrustBasket primarily focuses on gardening and allied products and sells different varieties of seeds, succulents, gardening materials and tools, gardening related products. The households with small space on balcony or stairs can use the customized pots and can grow the vegetables or fruits through organic farming.


Balcony Pots (website)

It also helps people to have a compost pit that fits domestic use in a small space known as the “Trustbin


            TrustBin( website)

TrustBin is an eco-friendly indoor kitchen waste composter which is integrated with modern Japanese technology which does not produce foul smell. The bin is easily portable and can be setup in any place in house which converts the waste into useful manure.


TrustBin working ( website)

The products offered by TrustBasket help modern gardeners in optimizing the space to grow the plants. These products can be placed in any small space like reading table, kitchen, balcony and the plants grown in such pots can grow up to 10 years in the pot.

The Products  offered by TrustBasket are
a) Designer pots which includes Railing balcony planters,Table top/floor pot, hanging pots and eco-friendly Terracotta pot.

b) Seeds which includes vegetable, flower and fruits.

c) Gardening materials include Soil, fertilizers, tools required for gardening and pebbles.


Eco-friendly pot (website)

The products  are suitable for both Indoor and outdoor gardening, the flexibility, portability and easy to use is an added advantage for the product.

With team of  15+ the journey of TrustBasket is amazing with revenue growth of 30% MoM and aiming at increasing revenue by 10 folds by 2017. This  startup integrates the concept of sustainability and organic farming to help urban places go green and go healthy.

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