Car Cleaner to Millionaire- VP LOBO


The journey from son of daily wage laborer to owner of T3 Urban Developers which has Rs.75 crores turnover per year VP Lobo ’s life is inspirational for most of us who feel poverty is barrier for achievement.

V.P.Lobo born to illiterate parents in Vogga village which is 50 odd Kms from Mangaluru city, Lobo was one among seven kids for their parents, spent his entire childhood in hardship and extreme poverty.



Lobo’s Parents worked as Daily Labours and never used to get payment in cash but instead used to get in form of commodities required for daily life, with great difficulty and support from others Lobo had is primary education in Govt school and completed his 10th from govt school nearby to his village.


The situation in house was extreme difficult even for one square of meal per day, they used to have food from neighbours to fulfil hunger, after completion of his 10th he moved to Mangaluru to study 12th and he completed his 12th from St. Milagres School with the aid of the priests and nuns of St Thomas Church.

V P Lobo after completion his 12th moved to Mumbai with Rs.50 in hand without informing his parents , with the help of driver and conductor he  reached Sunder Nagar slum colony at Colaba in south Mumbai where he used to stay with Taxi drivers helping them in cooking.

VP LOBO’s Journey as Car Cleaner

He started his job by washing taxis at Rs.2 per taxi and he used to wash 10 taxis a day, 5 in the morning and 5 in the evening he used to earn Rs.20/day. He used to work hard which got him many friends there with their help he also joined a laundry to iron clothes and he joined a night college run by a charitable Trust in Fort area to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce

Lobo’s routine was getting early washing taxis, ironing clothes,washing taxis in the evening and attending evening college, cooking for drivers and studying, he used to sleep for 3-4 hrs a day, by then he used to earn Rs 1,200 per month.

He also joined typing class during afternoon he used to attend a typing class in the hope of finding a stenographer’s job, his friend from evening college referred him for a post in General Trading Corporation (GTC) as a sales executive, which sold scientific laboratory equipment to educational institutions across the country.

Lobo and his friend together bought a home in Mumbai worth Rs.60000, which had one room and Kitchen, Lobo had invested Rs.20000 for the house. He continued for five years in General Trading Corporation. He then joined Goradia Forging Ltd Company as a regional manager.

Journey from car cleaner to Millionaire

It was in 1994 Lobo left for Muscat to manage an art gallery and returned in 1997 and joined a real estate company called Evershine Builders where he worked for five years and joined Agarwal Group in Mumbai, from there he moved to Chennai to work in Marg group.

In 2007, Lobo again returned to Mumbai as CEO of the Evershine Group, he worked there for two years and he decided to use all his experience and knowledge in the real estate industry and started his new venture called T3 Urban Developers Limited – in 2009.

In span of Just Six Years Lobo’s pet venture T3 Urban Developers Limited started to earn Rs.75 crore as turnover till now nine projects have been completed in Shimoga, Hubli and Mangaluru in the last six years; two projects are under various stages of construction in Mangaluru, featuring 400 apartments, while a few projects are in the pipeline in Mumbai and Bellary with around 600 flats.


VP LOBO family

Lobo today owns his own BMW 5 series car and Luxurious apartment but still remembers his past and still travels in Auto rickshaw and local train, Lobo sends his children to school and college only through local train and rickshaw

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Lobo decided to give back to society so that he can support the people from similar background like him so that they can afford quality education he runs a NGO called T3 Hope Foundation where around 100 children from poor background are provided assistance for English-medium schooling.


Philanthropy by VP LOBO

Lobo foundation also build cheap and affordable houses for free and gifts them to poor who cannot afford house, the life of Lobo is truly inspiring who grown from rag to rich and still very much humble and giving back to society

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