Warren Buffett Mind Blowing And Unknown Facts

Warren Buffett, with a net worth of over $ 80 billion, stands as the second richest man in the world after Bill Gates. Fondly referred to as the “Oracle of Omaha,” Buffett is quite the interesting personality. Despite being rejected by Harvard Business University and being told time and again that he would fail, Buffett proved everyone wrong by succeeding in everything he tried his hand at. Check out these uber cool and mind blowing facts about Warren Buffett below!

1. His first ever stock purchase 

Did you know that Warren Buffett bought his first ever stock at the age of 11? While most of us were lolling around in the mud and playing in the pool, Buffett purchased several shares of Cities Service Preferred for $ 38 a piece!

2. The first profit 

They say when you turn 16, your life changes forever. For Buffett, this definitely rang true. He made his first ever profit to the tune of $ 53,000 at 16! Definitely a sweet sixteen, right?

3. A house full of memories 

Billionaires and mansions always go together, right? Wrong. Buffett believes in the simplicity of life and has lived in the same house he bought for $ 35,000, since the year 1958! How cool is that!

4. Technology is NOT his friend 

You would think a brilliant mind like Buffett would be advanced in every field of life, right? Wrong. The man still carries an ancient Nokia flip phone and said he would not throw the phone unless it became completely useless. Ironically, Buffett only ever sent one email in his life, believing in open conversations rather than conversations over the internet. The email was to Jeff Raikes of Microsoft and when it ended up in court, Buffett vowed to never send another mail!

5. A lunch with Buffett is worth close to $ 4 million! 

Lunch with the Oracle of Omaha? Who would not want that, right? Some people are so obsessed with this thought, they bid on it! With multiple people bidding on this amazing man, the value of a lunch went up to almost $ 4 million!

From being rejected by his dream college, his father in law and his idol (for not being Jewish,) Warren Buffett faced quite a few challenges in his life. If you think we missed on any cool facts about this great man, comment and let us know!

Written by storypmb