X-Runner provides dry toilets in Peru.

Peru’s capital LIMA is second driest capital on earth which is built desert which has 8 million population and hardly receives rainfall (less than 6 mm/year) with more than 10 million people lacking access (not counting X-Runner) to adequate sanitation facility.

X-Runner a social start-up is helping poor people living in slums to access proper sanitation, which is portable, water-less and can be installed easily. The dry toilets designed by Isabel Medem and Jessica Altenburger will also converts waste into fertilizer.



The working model of X-Runner is simple, Families who sign up for service receive a water-less and urine separating toilet installed in their homes and they subscribe to X-RUNNER collection truck for small fee.

Feces are collected in a bucket inside the toilet, which is lined with a biodegradable bag. Urine infiltrates into the ground through a separate opening or is collected in a plastic canister.






Dry Toilet (Website)

X-Runner Peru

The Collection truck goes by the communities once a week and the service team picks up the buckets with the full bags and exchanges them with fresh biodegradable bags and sawdust to continue making use of the toilet.


Collection van (website)

The collected waste is treated at x-runner’s nearby facility and processed into high-quality compost. The final product – compost – can be used as a nutrient-rich soil for parks and gardens.


Working Model( Website)

x-runner has established alliance with ” Separett “ a Sweden based start-up which is world’s leading manufacturer of urine separating toilets, it is also tied up with local NGO called SANISOL, which takes in charge of implementing the dry toilets project in Peru.

The advantage for the customers using dry toilet is they 7% in cost annually compared to the building of a latrine. Even for the monthly payment, x-runner has implemented an innovative collection system which consists in using BCP (one of the biggest bank in Peru) Agents so that users will also come into the banking system.


Team (Website)

Xrunner today has reached 3000 users and has removed 389 tons of feces by providing all the peripheral areas of Peru with this socially and environmentally responsible sanitation solution which will also reduce the water consumption by households.

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Written by storypmb