Yostra Labs an Innovative health care startup

Bengaluru is termed as Asia’s Silicon Valley which is hub of lots on innovative startups, Yostra Labs Pvt Ltd is one such innovative start-up based out of Bengaluru which is changing the health care industry.

Vinayak Nandalike, A mechanical engineer and an MBA, worked in Robert Bosch for eight years and with Accenture for four years before starting Yostra with Maruthy KN, Ram Mohan Rao and Sanjay Sharma.

Yostra Labs Pvt Ltd was founded in 2014, The firm manufactures devices to treat diabetes-related complications. Through innovations to make healthcare more effective, affordable and sustainable for the cost sensitive developing market.


Yostra Labs


Innovative products of Yostra Labs

a) Sparsh: It is an innovative device which is used to diagnose diabetic peripheral neuropathy (permanent damage to the nerves in the feet, owing to diabetes)

b) Kadam: Kadam treats diabetic foot ulcers.

c) Dripcheck: It is designed to empower the healthcare professionals to accurately monitor and manage intravenous (IV) therapy.

Yostra Labs


Yostra Labs funding

Yostra  initially received ₹47-lakh grant from the Centre, recently it received undisclosed amount of funding from Marico Innovation Foundation (MIF) and social enterprise incubator Villgro.

Yostra Labs


The team is using the funding into building a team that could continue to build more innovative devices.

The journey of yostra in addressing the healthcare issues through innovative, practical, and cutting edge technology solutions has changed the medical domain in the country, yostra is one of the top startups in past few years.




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